The Secrets to Adulting

Here it is – all the advice you will ever need to be a successful human, RIGHT HERE in one blog post!

You’re welcome.

Also, I’m kidding. (I hope that was obvious.)

When I was a kid, a teenager, even a college student, I believed that adults had their shit together in some magical way that descended upon you at age 23. Like, a big hairy half-giant knocks down your door on your twenty-third birthday and says,

“Yer an adult!”

And then you are.

But actually, it turns out, experience just creeps up on you slowly, and I’m beginning to believe I’ll never actually have my shit together. The difference between me now and me 10 years ago is, I’m okay with that.

There’s no trick to adulting. You just do it. You just try. But there are things that you learn, that help.

Take my advice with a grain of salt, because I’m only on the front end of my journey.


Don’t apologize or feel guilty for your choices

I’m not a morning person. I like mornings, and I’ve tried to be an early riser, but I just seem to be most productive at night. Fortunately, I have a flexible schedule. I’m often tempted to feel guilty for sleeping in, but if I can work 7-10PM instead of 7-10AM, why shouldn’t I?

This is maybe one of the most liberating things I’ve discovered in young adulthood: I don’t have to apologize for doing things differently.

Take care of yourself

This is a subject that warrants a whole blog post, or a whole series of posts, and it directly follows the above advice. If you don’t prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical health, you will break down, one way or another. You might have to say no to things in order to achieve this this goal. You might have to do something that scares you, like (God forbird!) go to a good counselor and work through some baggage.

I care so much about this, and about you taking care of yourself, that I’m going to send you to go watch this TED talk on emotional health RIGHT NOW.

Prioritize what you love

Another way to phrase this: say “No” to good things in order to say “Yes” to better things. There are a lot of really awesome and very cool things to spend your time pursuing. Things that are worth pursuing. But what are you called to? What are you most passionate about? What keeps you up at night (in a good way, not in the anxiety-driven-insomnia kind of way), what gives you energy instead of taking it?

Is that thing, the thing that makes your heart beat faster, worth rearranging your life for?

If it is, then do it.


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