Rebranding Monday

Mondays suck, amiright?

They’re the restart of the inescapable cycle – work, home, sleep, pray for the weekend to come quicker than last week.

Monday is in some serious need of rebranding. Can we really continue to take this heavy blow, week after week, insisting our existence is but sisyphean?

This morning I was inspired. Inspired not to sigh and cast my eyes down at the sucking mud around my ankles, but to look up the mountain and say “New Start,” not “Restart.”

God’s mercies are new every morning – could they not also be new every Monday? Could Monday be a chance to take a deep breath and start afresh? Could Monday not be a day of potential instead of perpetuity?

What new philosophy could you approach this week with? What new mountain could you climb? What new mercy could you let wash over you?

New Mercy Monday.

Make it a thing.


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