The Unexamined Life

Do you ever stop, just to check in with yourself, and realize you haven’t done that in a few weeks? Maybe even months?

And you suddenly feel as if all that time that’s passed since you last introspected, you weren’t really living? Like your brain switched to autopilot and your Self took a nap.

Do you grieve that time? Do you feel like you’ve lost days you’ll never get back? Even though you lived them – you have vivid memories of them, you had fun, you were productive – still you feel like you only just now woke up.

This happens to me sometimes. More than sometimes, but not quite enough to be often.

Does it happen to you?


16 thoughts on “The Unexamined Life

  1. It does. A lot of times really. And I thought I am the only one. I even think sometimes that I may not be where I am, ’cause all the hazy memories are just mixing up and my mind and body cannot comprehend what is really happening in the days and weeks that pass by. But this is normal right? 🙂 But thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Totally normal! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like I’m in the twilight zone. Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts.

  2. It happens to me too. Weird thing is sometimes I think I’ve wasted time because I haven’t worked towards my goals and other times I think I’ve wasted time because I’ve been working too much to stop and smell the roses.

    1. I think usually for me it’s the not working toward my goals! Glad to know I’m not the only one who experiences this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This happens to me when I am busy but not productive over a long period of time. When I accomplish things, that are good, but not necessarily my goals.

    1. Ah yes I totally agree! It always seems to happen when I’m very busy – usually with social obligations or work obligations. When I have time to myself to work on my own projects, I feel much more present and aware. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Great post. This seems to be happening to me all the time recently, being caught in exams and lots of stress. I’d appreciate if you’d check out my blog too!

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