Get It Together

I don’t know if it’s a part of getting older, but I’ve been trying to get it together lately.

Meal planning. Cleaning regularly. Making my bed every day. You know, adulting.

I’ve actually found great relief – and I think this is the getting older part – in forming and maintaining these habits. I don’t cringe when I walk into the kitchen. It’s relaxing to come home after work. I don’t worry I’m spending too much on food.

The apartment doesn’t smell like litterbox.

Having two adult roommates (yes that is a total of three adults) means that sometimes, especially in the morning, maintaining good habits is a wild dance.

This morning I felt like I was doing pas de chats and soutenus to get everything done and leave early for a dental appointment on the other side of town. (Another adulting win!) I was feeling pretty pleased with how well I was dancing, too.

I made breakfast the night before and ate it peacefully, sitting down.

I had time to make and drink coffee.

I made my bed!

Did I mention I also took a shower and washed my hair?

I packed my crockpot chicken that had simmered deliciously all night, and made a salad to accompany it, and packed two snacks – one for mid-morning, one for afternoon.

I washed all my dishes because I didn’t have time to unload the dishwasher – I was watching the clock very closely.

And –  the piece de resistance – I scooped the litter box.

Yes, I was quite pleased with myself.

Almost whistling, I marched out the front door promptly at eight with work bag and delicious packed lunch in tow.

I started to pull out of the parking lot, and I know what you’re thinking – she’s out of gas.

But I wasn’t!

I gave the clock another trimphant look as I started to jam out to some great morning tunes:

8:02 AM

My appointment is at 8:00.


And the dentist’s office is twenty five minutes away.

From a soaring height to a crashing fail. It’s still a little sore. Even though they were so nice and they still had time to take me even though I was ridiculously late; even though the appointment itself took only 10 minutes because the Lord in his infinite wisdom blessed me with teeth I hardly need to take care of (he knew I’d forget to floss); even though I got to work earlier than I even originally expected; even though I was 100% prepared for the meeting I was supposed to lead when I got there.

It still smarts.

It’s just nice to feel in control of your home life, you know? That’s how I know I’m officially “adult.” I need control. I can’t sleep on the couch or roll with the punches. I gotta have my routine.

I have to admit, I felt all kinds of embarassment and shame at not being able to something as simple as remembering that arriving at eight does not equal leaving at eight. I really like to pat myself on the back for getting things together as well as I have, even though it’s not perfect, because it’s all so contradictory to the absent-minded scatter-brained haphazard essence of my person.

It’s a lesson in humility. And grace. The world didn’t fall apart because I was late for my dental appointment. My world didn’t even fall apart.

It just kept on turning.


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