To Kindle or not to Kindle?

To self-publish or not to self-publish? That is the question.

Even knowing as excessively little as I do about the world of publishing, I know that there are massive benefits for an author willing to go the traditional route. I also know that, to those in the publishing industry, the idea of self-publishing is tantamount to sacrilege. And you know, who can blame them? It’s an old, hallowed industry threatening to be overwhelmed by a tide of crappy electronic books.

Even as a reader, I get irritated by the piss-poor excuses for literature that crop up in my suggestions on Amazon and BookBub.

Sacristy! Professionalism! Quality!

When self-published e-books became a thing, I had one view of them: wannabes.

But then people like Andy Weir come along and self-publish their love-child debut novel and it goes wildly crazy popular and gets made into an Oscar-nominated movie starring Jason Bourne himself, and I stop to think…


Let’s step back a sec and pretend I’m not as good a writer as Andy Weir (ha, what hubris I have on this fine Monday).

There are still people who self-publish sub-par romances and YA novels on Kindle and they actually make money. And that gets me thinking, can I self-publish some fun pandery stuff under a pseudonym, get practice, and maybe make a little extra bit o’ money, just maybe a wee little bit?

And you know there are writers and novelists who were just brilliant but never got their work accepted by a publisher, for one reason or another. Self-publishing is a way to prevent that kind of literary tragedy. My friend just published a short story on Kindle (read it here) and I’m thrilled about it. She deserves to be read!

In the world of Kindle and YouTube and WordPress, everybody has a voice and there’s no filter except for the masses (and SEO…). Is that good, or is it bad?

What do you think? Trust the judgment of traditional publishing companies, or throw it all out there on e-book and hope it sticks?


2 thoughts on “To Kindle or not to Kindle?

  1. I read this post tonight and had a discussion with a friend on it. I’m still not sure where I stand but it’s thought-provoking – my inner, ‘I’ve got something brilliant up my sleeve,’ side tells me to send what I think is my best stuff the traditional route and to drop the okay stuff elsewhere to see what happens. Interesting post!

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