Why is it cool to hate cats but immoral to hate dogs?

These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night.

(No really, this one kept me up last night).

If someone hates cats, they’re pretty vocal about it. “Cats are mean! Cats are selfish! Cats will scratch your eyeballs out!

If someone doesn’t like dogs…they will Fort Knox their feelings or risk getting arrested for animal cruelty.

Let me just stop a minute and share my feelings:

I am a cat person. I have a cat and I love her furry little butt. I don’t want any more cats. One is enough.

cats rule
Hot damn that is a magnificent cat

I am a fan of dogs. They’re beautiful, smart, and loyal. I don’t want one unless I have a huge yard/farm for them to run free in.

Ok, back to the philosophical problem. You know I’m right – hating cats is somehow a respectable opinion. Hating dogs is just evil.

Maybe it’s because dogs are, admittedly, more selfless. They’re easily trainable and serve in significant roles in society – police dogs, military dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, etc.

Cats are – uh – independent.

I’ve found, though, that people who hate cats have very limited experience with cats. I’ve actually seen people go from hating cats (“cats are evil demon creatures”) to not minding particular cats (“that is the best cat ever…she’s so cute…I actually like her”) to owning multiple cats (“I would so much rather have a cat than a dog!”).

Yes. It’s a true story.

Let’s look at this from another angle. An old retired woman who has cats is (all together now): a Crazy Cat Lady.

But what if you replace those cats with dogs? Crazy Dog Lady is not a thing.

This is not supposed to be a cats vs. dogs debate. It’s a question of Why. Why such a huge difference in regard in our culture?

And why do we so adamantly say, “Dogs rule cats drool,” and nobody debates the merits of a cat vs a rabbit, or a dog vs a guinea pig?


Friends, please help me out. I need to sleep tonight. What are your thoughts?

Why is it cool to hate cats, and immoral to hate dogs?


18 thoughts on “Why is it cool to hate cats but immoral to hate dogs?

  1. Cat hate is a sign of laziness. Dogs put it out there: “Great! You’re home! Missed you!” “Rub my belly” “Here’s a big wet kiss to show you I love you”, dog owners don’t have to work hard to understand their pet. Us cat lovers though, we have to work at understanding our cat(s) – I have 3 – it takes lots of time and patience (and a bite or scratch or 2 or 3) to understand our feline friends. So in essence, the cat lover is a hard-worker, with a high degree of patience and great attention to detail. IMHO. PS: enjoy all your posts!

  2. It’s weird to hate a creature that gives you unconditional love. Living with a cat is, in my experience, more like living with another adult human. Living with a dog is more like raising a child that’s permanently stuck at 3-4 years old.

    When people say they “hate” dogs I assume they mean they’re allergic or they don’t like the extra work and care they require. When I hear someone say they “hate” cats it’s more of a real hate in the way you never again want to live in a tiny apartment with a roommate who’s noisy and never cleans up after themselves.


    1. Ha that’s very true – I really feel like I cohabitate with my cat instead of taking care of her! She’s my favorite roommate – she never leaves dirty dishes in the sink. LOL.

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