They are in the back of the coffee shop

Rising from a foggy lake

On this streetcorner

Under that tree

By the radio tower on a lonely mountain

Outside an old bait shop.

Big eyes, small hands

Holding bigger, rougher, gentle hands.

A joke,

A piece of well worn advice,

Or a moment caught in time.

They don’t materialize

And they don’t shout.

They whisper and they creep

Like a slight breath of wind

And then they’re gone.

Oh ghosts of my soul,

Will you stay a while?

You carved out your place and left.

Now I find you, unseeking, and lose you when I look.



2 thoughts on “Ghosts

    1. I think it’s a great movie! Just kidding ;). I think people believe too much in ghosts, but I do think there is a spiritual realm that we often choose to ignore, and maybe some kind of ghost is possible. I’m not afraid of ghosts, though, because I know I have the power of God through Jesus. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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