Things all REAL BFFs know to be true

A lot of people think they know the best friend forever relationship.

You know I like to be contrary.

BFFs are more than fashion consultants, your personal lending library (of clothes, books, movies, food, furniture), or that person you text when you’re bored at a party. Although they are all of those things…just, also a lot more.

1. Your BFF is the person you’ve walked through shit with.


2. And the person whose shit you will never refuse to walk through.


4. They’re the person who knows what you’re feeling, without you telling them.


5. You never have to apologize to them, but you do anyway.


6. You have no filter with them. No pretenses.


7. If someone hurts them:


8. You stick so close together people think you’re a couple – which is kind of awkward – because they don’t understand the depth of true heart-friendship.


9. They’re the person who will drop everything to listen to your crazy rant (and vice-versa).


10. And they will tell you when you need to calm the flip down.


11. And then someday, this will happen:



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