You Should Read This Blog

My friend Amber moved with her husband to an under-resourced and sometimes dangerous part of our city. They’ve lived there a few years now, and she’s started writing about it on her WordPress blog, rose & sword.

Listen, I’m not just plugging her blog because I love her and she’s one of my best friends. She sees into things, and she’s giving you the opportunity to see our city – this city I love – through her eyes.

Her blog is thoughtful




An excerpt:

“She wears big sunglasses. She wears ill-fitting clothes. She is always tired. She is always silent. And she is always with him.

Are you paying attention?

He orders her food. He pays with a $100 bill, among many in his wallet.

Do you notice the details?”

She’s also an artist.

Do yourself a favor and click.


7 thoughts on “You Should Read This Blog

      1. Thank you for your message! I’m still only mastered in his blog. Plans to promote it very much. I will be glad to see you at a party on my blog!

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