8 Things Unorganized People Do

How do they do it? How are unorganized people so, well, unorganized? With time and extensive research, I’ve compiled the following 8 habits of highly unorganized people.

Unorganized people:

  1. Pursue every idea
    Unorganized people don’t let the task at hand prevent them from pursusing the idea that just popped up in their head. They let the knowledge and seeming urgency of what they’re currently doing slip quietly out the back of their heads as they direct their creativity and energies to the Next Cool Thing.
  2. Use multiple systems
    Unorganized people are not limited to one system of organization or planning. They might use Google calendar, AND a date book, AND sticky notes, AND a memo pad, AND the back of that Wal-Mart reciept. This way, every system gets tried. From there, it’s survival of the fittest. Or the most visible.
  3. Are open to change everything at the last minute
    Unorganized people are some of the most flexible people you will ever meet. How do they do it? Well, for one, they might be looking at their date book and think they’re free, when their Google calendar has an appointment scheduled. But really, unorganized people are just available at heart. They don’t mind postponing duties for the sake of a friend, an adventure, or a night alone with a book.
  4. Overhaul their lives
    Things are bound to pile up – tupperware in the back of the cabinet, socks under the bed, unsent thank-you cards in a desk drawer. For this reason, unorganized people are brilliant at “spring cleaning.” All they need is a day, maybe a weekend, and their whole house will be spotless, bags of useless stuff out the door, everything cleverly re-organized. For at least a week. Repeat six months from now.
  5. Don’t let stuff rule their lives
    Expired marinara in the fridge? Pantry overflowing with plastic grocery bags that you just might need? Books perilously towered on a desk? WHO CARES? Unorganized people don’t.giphy
  6. Go with their gut
    Should I keep this receipt? Unorganized people don’t agonize over these kinds of decisions. They just do. (Or do not.)
  7. Think outside the box
    Is it a glove compartment, or a receipt receptacle? Why can’t earrings hang out in the cupholder for a while? Who says you have to keep the trunk of your car empty? It’s great for when you’re short on storage – store extra jackets, books, water bottles, anything! For an unorganized person, any object or space can have any function they want it to.
  8. Live in the moment
    If all of these hallmarks of an unorganized person could be summed up in one overarching maxim, it’s this: they live in the moment. They aren’t tied to plans, systems, obligations, or the physical world. They might want to be, or at least think the want to be, but the blissful truth is unorganized people are blessedly free, free to jump on the next idea, free to drop everything for a friend, free to stumble on unexpected adventures.

Do you wish you could be so unorganized? Baby steps, my friend. Try this: Don’t write something down. Throw your socks on the floor. Leave clean laundry in the dryer. It’s possible: with time, you too can become unorganized!


5 thoughts on “8 Things Unorganized People Do

  1. Hilarious post which delicately opens the eyes of people like me to realise that we are lazy to some extent and that it’s not totally wrong. The paradox and sarcasm that hovered all through the post quite amused me. Thank you

    1. Embrace it! I’ve had to learn little tools to help me – like allowing myself to use a different type of to-do list every day, and using open storage – but I feel as long as I’m being productive it shouldn’t really matter how, right? I guess the world runs on “order” so us unorganized folks feel like we’re doing it wrong.

      1. True, as long as the end goal is being met, it doesn’t really matter the path that took you there. Chaos is much more fun anyways.
        My professor always used to tell me to make sure my zest for life and exuberance stayed intact, which I suppose is another way of saying “you’re chaotic, but I like it.” Differences are what make the world more interesting.

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