How Homeschooling ruined my life

I was home-schooled as a child and it totally ruined me.

Here’s why.

As a home schooler, I learned that I only had to work for as long as it took me to do my work.

So I became fast and efficient. I rarely had to do schoolwork for long hours.

(But now I work from 8:30-5:00.)

As a home schooler, my classroom was everywhere. It was in the dining room, on the porch swing, at the natural history museum, in the back yard, at Grandma’s house.

So my days were full of options and variety.

(But now I go to an office every day.)

Since school could be done anytime, so could everything else – playdates with friends, errands, volunteering, vacations.

So I became flexible, and thought flexible was the natural order of things.

(But the world runs on static order.)

If I was sick, I could stay in bed and rest until I was better.

So I believed that was what everyone did – and should do.

(But people go to work sick and expect you to do the same.)

I had a LOT of free time (see aforementioned efficiency), which I spent daydreaming, reading, writing stories, drawing, playing pretend, building forts, hiking, gardening,

So I learned life should be filled with creative and voluntary activities.

(But in real life you don’t have time for that.)

In addition to socializing with my own age group and younger, I socialized with adults all the way up to my 85-year-old great-grandmother.

So my opinions and intelligence were regarded as valid, even as a child.

(But in the real world respect demands age.)

I didn’t have to do things the normal way – and often couldn’t.

So I made my own way and thought outside the box.

(But people want you to do things the way they’ve always been done.)

Yes, home-schooling absolutely ruined my life. And someday, I hope to ruin my children’s lives, too.


18 thoughts on “How Homeschooling ruined my life

  1. Luckily, you are not totally ruined. I still see your shining part! You always have a rich heart in my eyes! But it is true that no one would know that whether you would be better if you were not home-schooled!

  2. I always thought I had an interesting perspective coming from Catholic school background, but homeschooling sounds like a whole other ball of wax. It seems to teach great values. Love the post!

  3. Thank you for sharing this, your blog post upon how home schooling is seen from your perspective.

    -Here is a list of a few of many great people whom were also Home schooled besides yourself Corinne – Ansel Adam – Photographer; John Quincy Adams – second president of the United States; Louisa May Alcott – American Novelist; – Jamie Anderson American Snowboarder; Susan B. Anthony – American civil rights leader and feminist; Camran Bicondove – American dancer and child actress; Pearl S. Buck – Novelist; Robert Frost – American Poet; Edith Claypole and Agnes Claypole – twin sister scientists; Glover Cleveland – 22nd and 24th president of the United States; Hilary Duff – former Disney Star; James Garfield 20th president of the United States; Arran Fernadez – mathematician, youngest ever Senior Wrangler at Cambridge University; Florence Nightingale – founder of modern nursing- Virginia Woolf – English novelist and central figure in the influential Bloombury Group of intellectuals. And we must give recognition and thanks to the Parents, and tutors whom home schooled these great people to include yours’ as well Corinne. Thank you for this post.

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