The Missing Gospel

I think you might be missing half the Gospel.

Maybe you’re not – but I was, for a long time. I thought this was the Gospel: Jesus died to save me from my sins and now I will go to Heaven when I die. Woo-hoo, The End.

I stumbled around in life, because that version of the Gospel is woefully lacking. It’s not untrue, it’s just not the whole story. Not the Whole Gospel.

Let’s try to get the big picture:

I am broken

God walked the Earth as a man/God

He surrendered himself (which I could never do)

And died (which he didn’t deserve)

And broke the bonds of death (because he was God)

By rising from the dead.

In doing this, he took my shame and guilt upon himself

And killed it dead.

He loved me always

He fixed my brokenness

He healed my sickly heart

Restored me to right relationship with God.


(here it comes, that other half)

I could know God

Love God

Love others

And live in the reality of the Kingdom of God.

Which is:

Love and

Healing and


Wiping away every tear

Binding up the broken-hearted

And proclaiming liberty to the captives.

Not tolerating injustice

Not living for comfort

But living for the Kingdom.

So if you, like me, have been believing half a Gospel: welcome. Welcome to the Kingdom.


2 thoughts on “The Missing Gospel

  1. And each of the prophets (or Manifestations) of God have done the same thing throughout history. Over and over again they call out to us to love God and love others, unconditionally, without judgement, and to demonstrate it through our service to them……….

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