Autumn Listicle: Things I’d like to do

Can you smell it? Do you feel it? The damp, 80-degree air – ah yes, my friends, this is fall!

Actually, this is Alabama. But it WILL eventually feel like fall every day here, sometime in November perhaps. In the meantime we get cool mornings and hot days, and one or two “sneak peak” days each week. While we may not yet have the physical reality of autumn, we can definitely claim the spirit of it.

My BFF over at Write Where You Are has written an Autumn Bucket List and challenges others to do the same, because “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” (F. Scott Fitzgerald). I love lists so, why not?

  1. Spend more time outside – either on my lovely porch or hiking some of the numerous parks of the Tree City
  2. Make a lot of soup
  3. Winterize my porch garden
  4. Write a novel or two – I’m doing NaNoWriMo and being somewhat over ambitious by attempting my own (first) novel while also collaborating on another with a friend.
  5. Learn to draw. Or, learn to draw more well (weller?).
  6. Re-learn the habit of seeking the Lord daily
  7. Start a really hipster band with a friend
  8. Enjoy Jesus

Honestly, I think that’s good for now.


3 thoughts on “Autumn Listicle: Things I’d like to do

  1. A compelling post to which I now must make my own autumnal resolutions (perhaps including NaNoWriMo again)! You’re quite inspiring. 🙂

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