This year I’ve taken up a new hobby: trying not to kill plants. I’ve learned a lot, like how root health can make or break the life of a plant.


My God’s been teaching me a lot about roots, actually, in this season of my life. How vital they are, how important. Beautiful foliage will uglify and wither without healthy roots. But a plant with a good root system is hard to kill.

Sometimes I ask, Lord, why don’t you give me flowers? Spring rain? Warm weather? I feel like I’m in a winter desert. Arctic tundra. Wasteland (or so it seems). I feel like I’m a feeble gray twig. What am I worth without green leaves and flowers – you understand, of course, that I’m metaphoring.

And he answers: you need good roots. I’m working on your roots. He says that if I trust in him, I will be like a tree planted by a river – my roots will be fed and healthy even in a drought. I won’t have to be anxious, because with good roots, I’ll stay green, I’ll even bear fruit, no matter the circumstances.


2 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Isn’t it great the way God works? I just recently moved to a brand new place and am struggling to understand what is going to come from it. But I’m trusting God to guide me in the right direction. Loved reading your post! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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