This year I’ve taken up a new hobby: trying not to kill plants. I’ve learned a lot, like how root health can make or break the life of a plant.


My God’s been teaching me a lot about roots, actually, in this season of my life. How vital they are, how important. Beautiful foliage will uglify and wither without healthy roots. But a plant with a good root system is hard to kill.

Sometimes I ask, Lord, why don’t you give me flowers? Spring rain? Warm weather? I feel like I’m in a winter desert. Arctic tundra. Wasteland (or so it seems). I feel like I’m a feeble gray twig. What am I worth without green leaves and flowers – you understand, of course, that I’m metaphoring.

And he answers: you need good roots. I’m working on your roots. He says that if I trust in him, I will be like a tree planted by a river – my roots will be fed and healthy even in a drought. I won’t have to be anxious, because with good roots, I’ll stay green, I’ll even bear fruit, no matter the circumstances.