I promise that, one day soon, I’ll write something thought-out and deliberate.

But right now I’m busy. Busy Vacating.

I really love people-watching. People watching in D.C. is great. The nations are in D.C.

Different demographics, people groups, ages, different reasons for being in the district or for taking public transportation or for walking down the mall.

I love to speculate about the people I watch. (Am I creepy?)

I wonder what their jobs are, where they’re from, what brought them to D.C., what they’re doing today, etc. Are they an introvert or extrovert? Driven or laid-back? What’s their family like? What do they dream of doing?

I want to know who they are. I may not be a “people person” but I love to know people. Small-talk takes you nowhere: I want to get to the significant stuff.

But I don’t ask. I just wonder. I don’t strike up a conversation with a stranger on the train. I wish I did. Maybe I will.


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