Two Suitcase Life

I do not have a two-suitcase life.

Someone postured to me the concept of a two-suitcase life. Which is something I don’t have.

I have, like, a four-suitcase and 15 book boxes and 5 large tubs and a small Uhaul’s worth of furniture life. And this bothers me.

On the one hand, I don’t want possessions to clutter up my life; I don’t want them to fill up my sight so that I don’t have the perspective to see what really matters.

Also, it’s a HUGE pain to move, and I seem to be in the stage of life where moving happens every 1 – 1.5 years.

On the other hand, having lived a one-suitcase life for about a year, I really love having my kitchen stuff, and the books I want to read, and the movies I want to watch, and all of my musical instruments, pictures my grandmother painted, and extra towels just in case. And I don’t think those things are inherently bad, or evil. 

I just find myself asking: where are they on the scale of priority?


6 thoughts on “Two Suitcase Life

  1. I feel the same. I’ve been moving every 2-3 years max recently and I do like to have my kitchen stuff and so on.
    The more I have, the worst moving will be, so I think minimalism for me is not buying the superfluous, like kitchen stuff I know I’ll rarely use anyway, and trying to use what do have already. But 2 suitcases? I think I also need 4 and at least 5-6 boxes for the rest 🙂
    Extreme minimalism isn’t necessarily the answer. Just stick to what makes you feel good 🙂
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Sara! I think you’re right, a balance is what’s best. I’m probably going to have a pretty globally transient career, though, so I’m trying to get in that mindset of “what’s absolutely necessary?”. While I’m still here, though, I’ll enjoy my stuff!

      1. Anytime 🙂
        I’m very familiar with globally transient careers (very nice way to describe them, by the way!) and finding the absolutely necessary can be difficult at times, I suppose (almost a semi never ending process for me), but don’t despair 😀

  2. Agh, sorting through the same feelings here. Dane and I don’t have THAT much stuff, but trying to get rid of as much as possible to fit into my parents PLUS going through their stuff, has definitely had me thinking about how much STUFF is really necessary lately, also.

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