I’m too young for this

I have, swirling around in my mind, several good ideas. But, yet again I’ve waited until late hours to post. Waited is perhaps not the right word: forgot is more like it.

I have a tendency to forget semi-important things. Things that fall under “must be done.” I suppose you could call it selective memory, only the person in my brain who’s doing the selecting is a person I very much resent for making me forget things until right before a deadline, or even after it.

Blogging falls pretty low on the semi-important scale, just so you know.

But then sometimes I even forget very important things. For instance, I have this week off from work, something that slipped my mind on at least 3 or 4 distinct occasions. That’s not even the half of it. I have a round trip ticket to go visit my parents, which I’m really excited about (mini vaca!). Seriously. I am looking forward to this trip. But I’ve accidentally planned, or starting planning, things for this week, at least 10 times!

What’s up with that, brain?!

Good news, though: I remember now that I am going to the airport in the morning.


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