Snowpocalypse, Episode II???

We have just completed our first day of the second round of Snowpocalypse. Or, so they say…or said…at any rate I haven’t seen any snow yet and only a wee bit of ice, in the form of cute frozen droplets on the tree outside my window.

The statewide shutdown is understandable, of course; remember that time they said the snow would miss us and we all got stranded by a couple inches of it? Oh yeah, that was crazy times.

The shutdown continues tomorrow, and while it means I can’t work, what I’ve really enjoyed about Snowpocalypse: Origin and Snowpocalypse: Episode II is spending serious quality downtime with my roommates/friends who are here so much they are practically also roommates. We all have different weird schedules and don’t always get a chance to just be together. When we do get the chance, it reminds me how we’re knit together as a family.

People sometimes comment on how smoothly life at our apartment functions like it’s a freak of nature. Surely among roommates there must be some drama, resentment, money squabbles, passive aggressive behavior over dishes or food – something, right?

By the grace of Christ, not here.

We are living every day under his grace. Praise Jesus.


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