Advice? No thanks

At a young age, someone said to me, “You’re just doing that because she’s doing that.”

Or something along those lines. You’re a follower. You only do what other people say you should.

Well…I over-corrected. Big time.

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m terrible at taking advice. I’ve discovered 2 root causes.

1. I don’t want to look like a follower, a sheep, a copy cat, or be unoriginal.

2. (and this one is deep-rooted, ugly pride) I don’t want to look like I didn’t already know about the best way to do something

Well…Jesus is changing me. I said I would follow him, right? He’s my good shepherd, right?

Yes. And so began the beautiful, difficult transformation of my heart.

I’m trying to listen to the suggestions and advice people offer, directly or indirectly. Learn from the wisdom of others. Weigh it in prayer and, if God leads me, apply it to my life.


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