Keeping at it

100+ words a day for 100 days is getting hard. And I am not quite halfway. Now, I’m really glad I’m doing it – it’s definitely loosened up whatever “writer’s block” I might have claimed, helped me process, celebrate, and share some things I might otherwise have kept to myself, and perhaps most importantly, reawakened my love of writing.

But I’m starting to grasp at straws for topics, 3 or 4 days a week. I feel like I’m not bringing anything interesting to the table half the time, just throwing words at the page and seeing what sticks. That is part of the writing process, but I’d rather it not be my published blog every day.

Don’t worry! I’m not stopping! (I know you were on the edge of your seat…I know how important the frequency of my blogging is to your life.)

I’m just…verbally processing, for lack of anything better to write. I may start setting up recurring themes/topics or a mini-series or something that can keep me producing at least mildly interesting posts, even if they’re not all cosmically significant. I don’t believe quality and quantity have to be mutually exclusive.

Do you have any suggestions for themes or topics or series, dear reader? What are your thoughts on quantity and quality? What’s your creative process?


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