The Oozy Ogre

She heaved her bulk across the land
With a terrible grimace and tight-clenched hands,
The ground was trembling beneath her feet
The people offered up something to eat
“PAH,” she rumbled, snot oozing down
“I’m going to eat a worm!” she frowned
A slimy, cantankerous, fearsome sight
She stomped her way across the night.

Back in her cave, she rolled into a ball
“Just leave me alone!” she yelled at the wall
Her reflection looked back from the mirror there
With angry hot tears and disheveled hair
“Do you want a story? I’ll tuck you in,”
Dad said from the doorway, where he had been.
His gentle arms picked her up as she uncurled,
Wrapped in his hug, she was only a girl.
She’d forgotten, for a while; “I’m sorry,” she said.
He smiled: “I love you,” and tucked her in bed.


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