A Kind Father

God has been giving me a crash course in how he loves to love on his children this week.

And he’s been doing it through something that I have struggled with for a long time – prayer.

The times that I have cried out most loudly to God in prayer, he didn’t answer the way I wanted him to, and it was devastating. It still hurts. The only answer I have for it, then and now, is his sovereign goodness.

So for a while I thought, why bother?

Bother because, he asks us to.

“Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” John 16:24b

I have asked him for a number of things in the last week – some conveniences like the aforementioned car trouble, and some deeper, more significant things.  Out of maybe 10 specific prayers in the last week, he has already answered 7.

I guess…he can’t answer all our prayers the way we want him to. Just like our earthly dads can’t (in good conscience) give us everything we ask for when we’re young. He knows better than we do.

He is also infinitely more loving than we are. Of course he wants to give us good gifts and guide our steps and lavish his love on us.

This is not a treatise on prayer; it’s just an expression of some things I’ve been learning.


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