Sunday afternoon nap

I think we all know what Sunday afternoons were really designed for.


It doesn’t matter if you slept late on Saturday (I didn’t) or didn’t get up early to go to church (I did).  Conditions are always ripe for nappage on Sunday afternoon.

You’re full from a late lunch.  It sits heavy in your stomach, making extra effort a requirement for moving at all.

The sun is sinking lower in the sky.  It’s not dark, it’s just not bright.  Even she wants to nap.

It’s those last few hours of freedom before the work week.  They beg to be utterly wasted.

Do you have a long list of to-dos?  Too bad.  You’re going to nap anyway.

Did you drink coffee in an effort to get energy and stay awake?  Fool.  Everyone knows caffeine takes a break on Sunday.

Did you just write a whole blog post on Sunday afternoon naps because you want to take one so bad?


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