Biblical Womanhood

What is feminine?  What is a woman like, or supposed to be like – as God designed her?

I’ve been asking myself this for a while.  I’ve never quite felt like I fit into cultural “femininity.”  Sometimes I’m even extremely put off by it – even “Christian” culture’s idea of femininity or womanhood.

So I took my questions to my source of truth – the Word.  I don’t have any over arching theories yet, and I only have a few pages of notes…but what I’ve found so far has been pretty interesting, and even surprising.

A woman to be praised is:

An entrepreneur
A leader
Good with her hands
A provider
Takes initiative
Physically strong
Compassionate in her actions, not just her words
Wise and kind
Earns a good reputation
(Proverbs 31)

Dresses herself well (also Prov 31) but not is not flashy (1 Peter 3)

Not afraid of anything that is frightening
Submitted to her husband
Precious to God
(1 Peter 3)

A crown of wisdom for her husband
(Prov 12)

(Judges 4, Matthew 9, 15, Luke 7)

(also Luke 7)

Well…chew on that for a while.  I’ll be back with more.


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