Disappearing Words

“Ms. Corinne, these lights are really bright.”

“Oh, these are stage lights, they’re supposed to be bright!  You need to get used to them.”

“What if I forget my part?”

“You’ll be fine, you were great in rehearsal!”

Soon after, I squinted through the lights at the parents and families gathered and emceed my students’ end-of-semester concert.  I think I said words that made sense.  All I really remember is the sweating and the shaking.

It seems odd that musicians would get stage fright.  But that instrument is a fortress between you and the audience.  The notes you’re to play don’t slip away like words do.  Neither do the steps to a dance, back when I still did that.

But words are ephemeral.  Vague.  Uncertain.  As soon as you get up there, mic in hand – they’ll just sneak out through the cracks in your mind.

The kids were great, of course, and nobody forgot their part.


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