A Good Gift

“God is in control of the weather.  Sometimes I complain about it, and I really shouldn’t; I should remember that he ordained this weather today,” my roommate said.

Last week was so bitter, so apocalyptically cold.  Noses froze and we curled up in blankets and drank tea and watched movies.

I left early this morning and my car was covered in a heavy layer of frost.  When I drove out onto the open highway, the sun blazed her energetic self all over the cars and the road and me, melting the frost from my windows.  She blazed on through the sound check and two worship services, warming the ground, warming the air.

After church, I sat with friends on the sidewalk by the parking lot, the sun kissing our shoulders and the tops of our heads.   A gift.  A different kind of gift than 15°F.


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