When I do not feel like writing

Some days

Some days I just do not feel like writing

Instead I feel like…

This sinus infection is getting old.  And the antibiotic is giving me nausea.

I have a hundred thousand things I need to do (and don’t feel like doing) and a hundred million things I want to do (and don’t feel like doing, or can’t at the moment).

They chafe.

Restlessness (the kind that slumbers deep within, not the cabin-fever kind) raises its head and begins its low growl.  I wonder, do I not understand how to be content?  Or is God preparing me for another, scarier, bigger step?

Thus, you see, I am having difficulty contemplating and preparing a cohesive post.  It’s just thought vomit.  But at least, when it’s all out there, I can look at it.


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