Would you like a cup of tea?

We have:

Black tea
Green tea
Decaffeinated green tea
Mint green tea
Rooibos tea
Chai tea
Bengal spice chai tea
Vanilla chai tea
Chai mate tea
Decaf chai tea
Earl Grey tea
Decaf Earl Grey tea
Peppermint tea
Lemongrass spearmint green tea
Mint rose tea
Rosebud tea
Chrysanthemum tea
Oolong tea
Pomegranate White tea
English Breakfast tea
Chamomile tea
Honey vanilla chamomile tea
Lemon tea
Berry tea
Peach tea
Rwandan tea

Lest you think I’m trying to fill up my word count with a ridiculously extensive list, I’ll pontificate briefly about our tea collection.

It’s what happens when three tea lovers become roommates.  We have nearly every variety of tea known to humankind.  That could be a slight exaggeration.  We have a LOT of tea.

When we have people over, we do the very un-American thing and ask them if they would like a cup of tea.  If they say yes, we ask what kind? They say, Oh, what do you have?  Then we usher them to a corner of the dining room.  This is where our tea station is.  The poor unsuspecting guest now laughs helplessly in the face of their choices.

It’s an old, hollowed-out radio cabinet (you know, the kind that held the big ugly radios that were the size of TVs), painted a fresh, warm yellow color.  For years it held towels in my parents’ house.  Now it holds tea in ours.  On the top sit an electric kettle, a teapot, a large jar of honey, a sugar and cream service we don’t use (they look nice), and a couple bags of loose tea.

Inside, this former radio bursts with tea: tea boxes, tea tins, tea bags.  If it’s a mess, it’s because it gets lovingly ransacked on a daily basis in someone’s search for the perfect spot of tea.

We have tea from the grocery store and tea from World Market and tea from Teavana and tea from China and tea from Great Britain (Whittards…delish) and tea from Rwanda and tea from Denmark and coffee from Vietnam (we like coffee, too!  But that’s another post).

Maybe it’s excessive.  Ok, yes, it’s excessive.  But we do our best to force tea down the throats of every single person who steps in this place.

So, now I have to ask…would you like a cup of tea?


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