Life in the Sunny South

There is a box in the back of my closet.  I put it there when I moved in; tucked it away in the back because I didn’t need it.

Or so I thought.

In this box, folded snugly, was a gray wool sweater bought at H&M Oslo. It’s dense, heavy, long, and really warm.  Also in the box: blue long johns.  But at the bottom was the piece I really didn’t need.  A knee-length down-stuffed coat.  The coat was purchased for a December trip to Denmark.  Absolutely worth it.  I used it a few times in Wales and during the one winter I spent in Northern Virginia.  But when I moved back to Alabama I put it away because it would never be cold enough to justify using it.

I am wearing that gray sweater and those blue long johns.  Later, I will put on the down coat as I venture out in below freezing temperatures.

Never say never.



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