Metaphorical Lepidoptera

Butterflies and moths – lepidotera – dissolve their bodies and rebuild them into new, completely different-looking creatures.  Their old bodies are destroyed and they emerge with new bodies, that function in new ways, do new things, even have a new purpose.

That’s good stuff right there.

I’m not a scientist but I love to gain as many little golden nuggets of knowledge about the world as possible.  It’s a beautiful puzzle and I find joy in understanding more how it all fits together.

Recent studies have shown that butterflies and moths retain some of their memory from from their caterpillar/larva days.

They have the same atoms, the same memories – but a new and completely different life.

To geek out more about Lepidoptera I suggest watching Smarter Every Day.

Photo by David Millard, via Scientific American. Close up of a Sunset Moth’s wing.

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