A Blogger Farewell

I have been using Blogger for a long time.  I liked it.  It was easy and familiar, and it had all of my blog posts, stretching back to 2007 (you can’t see those, sorry).  Sometimes people told me they had trouble commenting on my posts…I thought I fixed it.  But that’s not where the real focus of this soliloquy lies.  The real focus is that, the day after I declared my arbitrary 100 for 100 self-challenge, Blogger up and broke.  It just broke.  I sent out a call for help, but it’s Google so they have a lot of more important things to do, right?  I couldn’t post anything.  The edit tools sprawled across the page, repeated multiple times, and the text box was nowhere to be found.  I gave it a day or so – I was traveling, so not posting was convenient.

It turns out you can import all of the posts from your old blog straight onto WordPress.  Pictures, comments, tags, everything.  You can imagine what I did next.  You can imagine it because you’re reading this on WordPress now, not Blogger.  If you can’t imagine it, well, I’m worried for your mental state.  I moved to WordPress.  Surprise. 

I though about moving to Tumblr, but….I didn’t want to put the final nail in the coffin of my loss of non-hipster status.  I may have a turntable and a French press and an Instragram account, but by golly, I’ll stay off Tumblr (actually I have a secret Tumblr account, but I never post there.  It’s just for following people like John Green and Humans of New York…right).

Let’s hope this marks a bright future for blogging.  I’m already overwhelmed by the shiny theme choices.


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