Here’s a boat.

It’s in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

Here’s another boat:

It’s the Sea Stallion from Glendalough , berthed in Roskilde, though at the moment I believe it’s sailing around Denmark.

And here’s a few more:

We rowed and sailed the one in the foreground.  Like the Sea Stallion, it’s a Viking reconstruction.
I like boats.  Sailboats, particularly.  Using ingenuity and creativity to maneuver the vast uncontrollables of wind and sea to your own advantage.  Not that I’ve ever been sailing on the open sea, or even sailing for more than a few hours, and never by myself.  I think I would like to, though the thought is somewhat terrifying; after all, wind and sea ARE uncontrollable, and no amount of wood or rigging will bring them under your power.  But I do like the idea.  I think that’s why I like planes, as well; both are reminders of both the far-reaching capabilities of humans and our ultimate helplessness at the end of the day.  Perspective.  
I also like the quietness of sailing.


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