Where I’ve been, What I’ve seen



2 thoughts on “Where I’ve been, What I’ve seen

  1. Corinne (!)Hi. From the bits I've read, it sounds like you're having a mighty fine time across the pond. Like you, I was looking through some old stuff I'd written years ago, and I saw a comment you made on an old blog post… and lo(!) it led me here. I hope you're well, and I'd love to catch up sometime,-Alan T. (an old friend)

  2. Hey Alan! It's good to hear from you. Yeah it's been a great experience to live here for a while, I wouldn't trade it. I hope looking through your old stuff was a pleasant experience – I always seem to run across something cringe-worthy in my own, but that's just my writing! Shoot me an e-mail if you like, I'd be glad to catch up.Corinne

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