Weekends and obligatory procrastination

Two of my special skills are:

1) Not taking pictures.

2) Blogging when I should be writing a paper.

Therefore, today I will share with you nearly all of the pictures I took this weekend in Copenhagen, and probably end up ruminating philosophically for a couple of paragraphs before I finally feel so guilty that I stop blogging and go make coffee so I can think about writing my papers.

I’m tempted to think I must be really cool for going to Copenhagen NOT to be a tourist, but to visit my sister – because, I thought, I’ve been there and done that.  Copenhagen is old news.  Of course, once I was there I realized how little of the city I’ve actually seen.  I can’t totally be blamed for this – my last two visits, it was covered in snow and well below freezing.  This visit was purely a relaxing with family visit, though, and I’m so glad for that.
These pictures are of the botanical gardens, which we walked through on our way from drinking coffee at an American-style pancake house to drink coffee at someone’s house.  There are two primary ways I’ve noticed of dealing with the darkness in Denmark: 1, Drink Coffee.  2, Drink Alcohol.

For some reason, Blogger won’t let me put pictures side-by-side.

In the course of a few days, I drank more coffee and beer and ate more chocolate than I have since…well, since the last time I was in Copenhagen!  Although the city is still primarily unfamiliar to me, it was nice to recognize some places, stay with my sister, and feel a little bit like I was experiencing a home-away-from-home, in a weird, everybody’s-speaking-Danish kind of way.

Of course, like I mentioned earlier, I am terrible at remembering to take pictures, so, this is it.  I have no pictures of my sister & I, no pictures of the endless cups of coffee and the Christmas beer.  But we did plan a little for a warm-weather trip, because everyone keeps telling me that Denmark is so beautiful in the spring and summer.  We’ll see.  It’s a short trip over there – the longest part is the coach ride to London.

One final and important thing I learned from my weekend in Denmark is – I’m pretty sure my house is making me sick.  I’ve had a persistent cough since my second week in Wales, and while I did still cough in Denmark (bringing about lots of big-sisterly worry and affection), I didn’t nearly as much as I do here, and then after having been home only a few hours my cough got worse again.  I woke up this morning feeling stuffier & sicker.  I have many complaints about this house, but now I know, it’s definitely time to move.  Here’s hoping all the houses in Wales aren’t dusty and moldy.


I have to make an addendum to this post.  I regret to admit that I’ve lived most of my life oblivious to the greatness of John Coltrane.  That has changed.  Here’s a video to rock your world:


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