Last Day

Once again, I’m blogging from the porch, and an early fall hints at campfires, apples, and variegated mountainsides – things I’ll miss about good Southern autumns that last through November.  The last two weeks have been lovely, spending sweet time friends & family.  For my birthday we had fresh tomatoes, roasted vegetables, local barbecue, and shrimp & grits, followed by dessert of local peaches and muscadine wine (Blogger doesn’t even recognize muscadine as a word).  The perfect late summer Southern dinner, eaten on the screened porch of course.  I spent a weekend in the mountains with an old friend, as previously mentioned, and another weekend in my other home, Birmingham, where everything’s changing but my friends are still my family, and we did all my favorite Birmingham things, like bouldering and eating sushi.  I got to play in the worship band one more time, in an amazing service.  All of this, wonderful and perfect, makes me sadder to leave.  But while so much of me wants to stay, I don’t feel like I need to, or should.  I still can’t believe I’m leaving, let alone leaving tomorrow, but my visa came today and I guess that makes it real?

I can’t express how much I’ll miss people.  It’s time for an adventure, though.

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