What do you call the day after a rainy day?

Saturdays can go two ways: they can either be very productive or very lazy.  I intended today to be the former.  So far it’s the latter.  But I suppose there’s still hope, maybe with a second cup of coffee.  It’s also a beautiful day today, a real spring day instead of a summer day like the ones we’ve had lately.  Yesterday we had a nasty storm, and in my dreaming last night my apartment was swept away.  When I woke up it was all still here, though.  The day after storms is usually especially lovely, skies clearer than usual and a sweet, new smell in the air, like it’s trying to make up for being all furious and destructive the day before.  It would be a good day for a hike, a wet hike anyway, but hiking buddies have been hard to come by lately and I have that whole “be productive” thing to do anyway.
So I will just have to placate the desire to take to the woods by looking at my photos from my last few hikes.  Most college kids hit the beach for spring break, or go somewhere with friends; this year, for my last spring break ever, I decided what I wanted to do most was be with the people I don’t get to see, i.e. my parents, and hike as much as possible with my first and favorite hiking buddy, my mom.
 We hit up a couple places out of state.  It’s nice to be able to day trip over the border.  But it’s also nice that our home state has so many great trails.

 Day 2 we managed to drag my dad along for some spectacular Appalachian Trail views.

 Day 3 we stumbled on an idyllic valley of rhododendron and waterfalls.  It was one of those ancient-feeling places.  We went on a weekday, in the morning, so we had it all to ourselves.

We had to examine the stratification of this boulder.  We hypothesized the other half of the rock was in the creek, near where we ate lunch.  They were separated a long time ago.

This is the creek we forded.   It looks harmless, and it is, but it’s over a foot deep.  We felt very adventurous.  Like Daniel Boone, but with an SUV.

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