golden crust on the apple pie

Tell you what I like about jazz trumpet…sometimes you can’t tell if it’s the muted trumpet or someone singing nonsense.  Is it the instrument or the voice?  Does it matter?  The feeling’s the same – mournful, staggering, playful, and a little bit drunk.  
I know what you’re thinking.  What on earth am I doing up so early on a Saturday morning?!  (It’s 11:48 AM)  I have actually been awake for over an hour.  How is that for crazy?  I have plans to get stuff done today.  Therefore, I have to have a couple hours to contemplate what it is that needs doing, before I can contemplate starting.  Furthermore, it is a blueskyed almost-60 degrees here in the recently frigid ‘Ham, which means that an outdoor excursion is absolutely necessary.  
Last night I went ice skating and was reminded why I hate ice skating.  Luckily I was with several people, because misery loves company.
Best get to that contemplating.  Have a lovely Saturday!  Don’t over exert yourself!


One thought on “golden crust on the apple pie

  1. I miss Saturdays like that. Sometimes I think about putting Dmitri in a box and sticking him out on the deck, so that I can sleep all morning long, instead of getting up at 7AM. Don't worry, I'm not quite that crazy, yet….

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