Cloth Calf

I went to Books-A-Million today, to find the perfect way to spend my birthday B-A-M gift card. I was contemplating getting Surprised by Joy, so I could finish it without having to return it to the library. I was in the Religion section when I saw it.

It was a cloth Bible case with Obama on the front.

Now, normally I wouldn’t bring up El Presidente two entries in a row. But I have to say…what the heck? To say that putting Obama’s head – or anybody’s head for that matter – on your Bible is thoroughly unBiblical would be the understatement of the century.  It’s idolatry.

I could say I expected better from people who make Bible covers – but let’s be honest here. The variety and shallowness of Christian merchandise available is good evidence that their producers are in it for the profit – as good businessmen usually are.

What worries me more is if these good businessmen are producing pieces of crap like idolaterous book covers because there is a market for them.

Granted, we all tend toward idol-worship, whether we recognize it or not. Whatever takes our time, interest, or devotion away from God is our idol(s). Sometimes, our idols are people. Friends, mentors, celebrities – or presidents, apparently. Making people our idols is dangerous and disappointing. People are people – they’re human. They are fallible and make mistakes, and for all their good intentions they will never live up to the pedastel you put them on – nor will you live up to the pedastel others put you on. It’s why we need grace.

I really hope – no, I pray that not one Obama Bible cover sells. Obama has been deified too much already. People think he is going to save America. He may not be a bad guy – personally, I don’t know, I’ve never met him – but he is no savior. He is a man, and that means he is limited and fallible. To make him more than that is dangerous for all involved.

Jesus saves. Jesus brings the best change.


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