Of Mice and Other Stuff

I’ve been reminded it’s time to update my blog. In 2 days I’ll be catching a red-eye to Denmark. A week ago, we drove back South. We stopped at the local publix at 7:30, and the parking lot was all but deserted. Here’s my conclusion: I love the city, but the rural South is home. The city is loud, fast, crowded, exciting, full of opportunities, easy to get around, rubbing elbows with everybody. Here, is slow, familiar, friendly, warmer, sleepier, plenty of fun backroads, and the entertainment comes from the people you’re with rather than the places you go. I have four coffee dates in 2 days. Why? Because there’s little else to do besides going for coffee. That’s ok. I like coffee. I like the fact that it is a social drink, and an excuse to just sit around and talk. I will, however, probably be drinking tea some of the time, as there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

It’s nice to be “home,” in my bed, with my wall full of books, and my piano (even though I left most of my piano books at school). The cat is just as thrilled, and has already caught us 3 mice in the basement and dropped them in select places around the upstairs. It was my unpleasant job to dispose of one of them (luckily, an already dead one). I remember seeing what I thought was a dead mouse on our driveway one time. It was dark, matted, and hideous with large yellow teeth. I guess it was a rat, because the mouse the cat killed was small and cute. Rodents, cute? Perish the thought! I almost felt sorry for it. After all, they stay in the basement…Poor cat, though – so happy now, she has no idea that in a month’s time she’ll be in a stranger’s apartment.

I think I’m ready for Europe. I packed my backpack on Monday, then realized I wasn’t leaving for a week. But for now, adieu from the Sleepy South.


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