The Insanely Long Christmas Break, Part I

I have 6 weeks off for Christmas.

There is a yellow jacket in the lamp next to me. Maybe if I ignore him he will ignore me and burn up on the bulb and die.

Part I is Georgia. I spent all of 30 minutes at my house today. It was cold and all the furniture was covered in sheets. Not exactly what people mean when they sing idealistically about coming home for Christmas. I promised my books and my piano I’d be back in a couple of weeks.

Grandparents are nicer about naps than parents. They just say, “Aw, poor baby needs her sleep” when I conk out on guest bed for an hour (or two). The first few days of a school break will ALWAYS be primarily sleep-oriented. The moon is full, so at night it looks like it’s snowed. The wind chimes on the porch haven’t been quiet since yesterday morning. Most of the time they sound like fairy music, but sometimes (mainly when I’m falling asleep) they sound eerie – maybe more like aliens-coming-to-abduct-you music?

Yellow jacket has ventured out of lamp and is now crawling on lampshade. Wait, no, he’s back inside. There’s a smart one.

Tomorrow Part II, DC, will begin. Perhaps I will have more things to write about than naps and bugs.


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