Nothing grand happens in Alabama. Except, I did hear that some woman in New Mexico predicted that on October 14 the aliens would come and take up the fine specimens found in Alabama. I think I’d have mixed feelings about being left behind…

I did recently see some fabulous da Vinci sketches at the art museum. Birmingham continues to surprise me.

Perhaps I could get your opinion on something. I’d like to study abroad my junior year. I was planning on trying for the University of Glasgow, as they have a pretty neat looking archaeology program, and who wouldn’t want to go to Scotland? But I’m currently in Arabic 101, and I need to complete the 200 level to graduate. Studying abroad junior year would throw that off. Unless – unless I went to the American University in Cairo instead, where I could study both Egyptology and Arabic. Or, I could wait until senior year to go abroad.

Suggestions? Opinions? Pointless yet humorous personal anecdotes?

Maa Al-Salaama


2 thoughts on “Marhaba

  1. I wish I had a pointless and humorous anecdote, because now would be the perfect time to throw one in. I think sarcastic movie and television quotes tend to come out only during serious conversations. That is not a good time to use them, either.I know someone who’s thinking about going to Scotland to study abroad for a semester. She’s just hoping to do something different, since school gets old after a while. Plus, she likes castles, lol.I would go to Cairo. You’d get to be in Africa. Unless you’ve been there, it’d be another continent to mark of your world tour list. Maybe you don’t have a world tour list, but you could start one.I think it’d be cool to see such a drastically different culture. I’d rather go to Scotland, but I can see with your major, and the Arabic class you’re taking, it’d be advantageous to be in Egypt, and not miss 2 semesters of the language courses you need.

  2. Unless you do in fact get a job for national geographic, college or retirement are usually the easiest times to travel. You don’t want to wait until you’re retired, lol.I can understand your parents’ objections. Scotland would be a pretty awesome place to be as well. You can always wait a year, or go a year without that language class, and then try your hand at the next level course during your senior year. That’s a while to wait, but you could pull it off.

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